Here at one of Oklahoma City’s most unique gourmet food stores, the Garvey family has spent the last ten years searching the country for the best jerky and meat snacks they could find, taste testing every product before putting it on the shelves.

As a result, the Beef Jerky Emporium carries an incredible selection of flavors and brands, many of which are made right here in Oklahoma, including their own house brand – winner of two consecutive Golden Chile awards at the Fiery Food Challenge. And for those with more exotic tastes, there's even jerky made from alligator, antelope, buffalo, duck, elk, kangaroo, ostrich, pheasant, pork, salmon, tuna, turkey, venison, and wild boar!

But it's not just jerky that the Garveys search the country for.  You’ll also find shelves full of salsas, queso, peanuts, mustards, dressings, jams, Bloody Mary mixes, cobblers, spices of all kinds, barbecue sauces, hot sauces, stuffed olives...and the list just keeps growing.

There are three convenient locations in the Oklahoma City area, one at 9346 North May Avenue, in southwest Oklahoma City at 4405 SW 3rd Street, and in Edmond at 810 West Danforth Road.

To learn more about the Beef Jerky Emporium, take a look below at our short video: